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MEPP (Masters of Engineering Professional Practice) Celebrates 10 years!

Masters of Engineering Professional Practice, University of Wisconsin

Masters of Engineering Professional Practice, University of Wisconsin

I am proud to be a faculty member of MEPP, and the degree is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this fall.  MEPP is a combination of an MBA and Engineering, designed to foster professional development for the engineering manager and leader.  MEPP degree holders are amazing and hail from every corner of the industry and many countries around the world.


Banned Books Week! Reading as Protest

What is your favorite banned book?  From the lists that the American Library Association has published, I think my two favorites are The Awakening by Chopin and Their Eyes Were Watching God by Hurston.  I have to give a shout out to my high school and college teachers who put those books on my desk! And those were southern Idaho teachers…wonderful women and men, indeed.

The ALA has a great listing and discussion.

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Teams Launch using CATME

Today, we launched teams in EPD 397: Technical Communication.  I am using the CATME teams software (free and wonderful) for use in assessments of teams for the semester. This software is incredible; it makes the teams for me, groups them, surveys them on progress and work, provides stats, allows for comments from students, and allows me to pull information that is ABET-worthy. Anyone using teams for undergrad or grad academic work (engineering or otherwise) should look into this.


IEEE Press Editorial Board Meeting in San Francisco

This is the first IEEE Press Editorial Board Meeting that I have attended since becoming the series editor for the Professional Engineering Communication Series for IEEE/Wiley.  I am looking forward to learning quite a bit about the state of the art, e-books, publishing trends, and other IEEE/Wiley-related matters.  As the PCS Press Liaison, Ken Moore, Mary Hatcher, and Taisuke Soda have been great mentors.

Professional Engineering Communication home site (for now):



New semester begins at the U of Wisconsin-Madison!

As odd as it is, school begins today (Friday). It will be great to catch up with my Technical Communication students who are returning from their internships!


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