Consulting Info

Contact me using the form below if you would like a customized or general workshop on any of the following topics:

Technical or Engineering Communication (writing, speaking, other)

Technical Presentations

Business Etiquette

E-mail Etiquette

Proposals in Engineering

Engineering Ethics

Workshops can be small (one hour long) to multi-day events.  E-mail me for quotes on prices and availability. Online workshops or webconferencing can also be arranged.

Past clients:

The Boeing Company


ProVention Consortium (part of the UN Disaster Management initiatives, sponsored by the World Bank)

The Ohio State University

Flad Architects (Madison branch)

Distance Teaching and Learning Conference


Iron Range Engineering

Itasca Community College, Engineering Dept

As well, my work has been used by practicing engineers from many engineering fields via the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s online engineering Masters programs.


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