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Giving presentations about presentations

I love talking about engineering presentations. One of the most rewarding activities that I do is helping engineers and technical experts become better presenters. When they succeed, they exceed even their own expectations. At school, they stand out from their peers (in a good way). On the job, they get promoted.

As I was updating my own faculty yearly activities form today, I realized that in the last four months, I have given more than a few presentations about presentations or I have functioned as an organizer or judge for presentation events. I’m very honored that my colleagues, students, and grad students find value in the advice I have to give. Here are some of the fine organizations that I have worked with this academic year on the Cornell campus alone.

2017, March 15 Cornell’s Three-Minute Thesis, finals judge
2017, Feb 27 Cornell Engineers Without Borders; presentation about presentations

2017, Feb 16 Cornell GradSWE; presentation about presentations  
2016 and continuing Cornell’s EERI Seismic Challenge student team; advising on competition report and presentation
2017, Jan Cornell Library Science Immersion Program; contributor and presenter Provide communication instruction to a select number of graduate students in the sciences via Library Programs.
2016, Nov Cornell SPARK talks; committee member
2016, Oct Cornell SPARK talks; student evaluator With the Cornell Libraries, presentation adviser and respondent.
2016 and continuing Cornell AguaClara; presentations workshops Served as consultant for better presentation practices. Workshop training on technical presentations.
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