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IEEE Press Editorial Board Meeting in San Francisco

This is the first IEEE Press Editorial Board Meeting that I have attended since becoming the series editor for the Professional Engineering Communication Series for IEEE/Wiley.  I am looking forward to learning quite a bit about the state of the art, e-books, publishing trends, and other IEEE/Wiley-related matters.  As the PCS Press Liaison, Ken Moore, Mary Hatcher, and Taisuke Soda have been great mentors.

Professional Engineering Communication home site (for now):



New semester begins at the U of Wisconsin-Madison!

As odd as it is, school begins today (Friday). It will be great to catch up with my Technical Communication students who are returning from their internships!


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A week with the best of the best…

I just finished my week with the incoming and continuing students enrolled in the Masters of Engineering Professional Practice cohorts. They are an incredible and insightful group of practicing engineering professionals. I look forward to working with them in the future.

This week, we saw presentations from the summer research group, with stunning titles like

–Finite Element Analysis, FEA Software and Digital Prototyping

–Considerations for QFN Thermal Pad Solder Coverage

– Incorporating MIG Brazing into the Existing Line of [x] Products

– EGR Cooler Fouling in Two-Stage, Cooled EGR Systems

–The Growing Importance of BetterCommunication within Virtual Teams

– Recommended Practices for Protecting Control Systems from Cyber Attacks

…and fifteen more just like those. I love my work because I get to constantly be working with people who know these kinds of amazing things!


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