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Engineering + Humanities…now on Colbert

Here’s a link to a segment of the Colbert Report where he interviews Richard Brodhead, the President of Duke. Brodhead notes the importance of humanities for all learning, but highlights the place of the humanities and communication for engineering, in particular.

This resonates with a keynote by Robert Gerstenmaier, a biggie at NASA, given at the UW’s MEPP residency start a couple of years ago.  Gerstenmaier also had an appearance on Colbert!

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It’s been an exciting few weeks. The short version is that I will be moving my word (mostly) to Cornell University, starting in Fall 2012.  Working in the College of Engineering, I will be housed in the Engineering Communication Program with Rick Evans (Director) and Sharon Ahlers (colleague extraordinaire).  Our whole family will be moving, and we are excited about being in the land of Gorges!

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Tracking down a false stat

In many, many pieces that I read, I have seen a version of the “fact”  that “in a recent US federal survey, it was found that 83% of people are visual learners.”  Today, I needed to track down that stat in order to cite it. Turns out, as far as I can tell, the stat was never generated by any US govt agency.

The 83%.

In a study done by Fowler et al, this stat surfaces. But it wasn’t a US Fed government stat. It’s a decent study and deserves some attention, but that does not account for the  mythical status of the claim that 83% of students are visual learners. In theory, US OSHA office used it in a report, but the link is dead to that report at this time.

I really tire of sloppy research.  More on this as it develops….

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Early Cookie Monster + IBM Training

Sometimes, the things that I love come together in the oddest of ways. This early Cookie Monster was in an IBM training video, from what I understand. You must see this!

Cookie Monster does and IBM training piece. Courtesy Youtube!

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Staying Smart: UW’s online Masters of Engineering highlighted

It was very exciting to see MEPP, the Masters of Engineering in Professional Practice from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (and, by association, MEES), featured in an article inside Engineering News Record. Entitled “Staying Smart: Engineers and Universities Advance Life-Long Learning,” we hear from Jeff Russell, Steven L. Reid, and Matt Collins.

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My years at University of Minnesota, Crookston

Torch, University of Minnesota, Crookston

I was honored to be included in this quarter’s Torch edition from the Alumni office at the University of Minnesota, Crookston.  Thanks to Liz Tollefson for the nice feature.

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New semester begins at the U of Wisconsin-Madison!

As odd as it is, school begins today (Friday). It will be great to catch up with my Technical Communication students who are returning from their internships!


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Book or nook?

This is a lovely essay on the book vs. nook/Kindle debate. The author sides with books (I think) eventually, but it does give one pause to reflect on the state of the book.  The comments at the end are great, too.  One thing that I walked away with is that one cannot donate e-readers easily to libraries in other countries or places…books work better. So, I’m staying paper-bound, for now.

I do like a good audio book, now and again, tho, for the airplane.

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Opening Day

Working in the realms of technical communication, engineering communication, technical presentations, and (yes!) culinary history, I will be using this page to post my professional work, my personal interests as related to those topics. Find here, too, quotes for workshops, classes, and other educational ventures.

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